amara kosha

varga status vritti audio
[ link ] 1.09 shabdaadi complete complete complete
[ link ] 1.13 vaari complete complete
[ link ] 2.02 bhuumi complete complete
[ link ] 2.03 pura complete complete
[ link ] 2.04 shaila complete complete
[ link ] 2.07 manushya in-progress


Do not colour the mulam
Do not show 'mfn' gender indicators above main text
Do not show English translations
Do not show Sanskrit translations
Do not show audio markers
Do not show word lists for each line
Genius mode -- show me just the mulam


The project is intended to help Sanskrit learners benefit from the amara kosha. English translations, sanskrit vrittis, word lists and gender hints are provided. The methodology used to typeset the text is given below:


If you have any font problems, please install the Sanskrit2003 font and restart your browser. This site has been tested with this font on multiple operation systems (Windows, OSX, iOS, Linux) and browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

If you are using chrome, install the context menu search extension, and add the following entry to search the Apte dictionary. You can then highlight a word from the word list to the right of the page, and use the context menu (right-click) to search that word in the Apte dictionary.